About us

Our Philosophy

Beauty is frequently associated with clear, light-coloured and youthful skin. While, we believe that beauty comes in all forms and colours. Body Positivity comes with acceptance. Accepting the way you look has everything to do with feeling confident and feeling good about yourself. We believe that the idea of makeup should be to enhance how you look and boost up your confidence. We are building build a community of women who support other people and accept each other for who they are.

Diverse Beauty

Celebrating every colour and culture We believe that beauty comes in all forms and colours. We have formulated the products that are specifically tailored to cater the needs of today’s men & women — their expectations from the world of beauty & cosmetics. Our products have been carefully researched and are well-designed to meet all cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Beauty products that are designed to give you the finest experience.

The notion behind our brand goes beyond the mere perception of conventional beauty that is hiding the scars and beautifying oneself. Kix is a brand that believes in embracing and enhancing your natural beauty. It gives you the chance to explore the unexplored, experience luxury and indulge into self-love.

Made with Love

Offering something of value to each one.Each Kix product has been curated with utmost elegance, thought and luxury. Doing extensive research, sourcing quality ingredients and performing stringent quality checks at each stage to deliver unparalleled quality products to you. At Kix, we do not compromise when it comes to quality. We ensure the entire process of crafting the items with high standards of quality and safety supported with our unceasing efforts to deliver customer satisfaction.  Each product is individually developed, with the intention of bestowing every person with the lavish, aesthetic, yet classic experience they have ever desired.